Duvart Mermer – Permolit Paints

Duvart Mermer




Gloss water-based marble effect interior paint. Can be applied to any levelled primed surfaces. Can be used for exterior work for painting smooth, polished surfaces that are not exposed to strong moisture.
To begin with, the surface must be cleaned of dirt, dust, moisture and paint residues and smoothed. In order to give the painted surface a more aesthetic appearance and reduce the amount of consumable materials, we recommend using Permolit putty. Before the first painting of the surface covered with semi-matt plaster or putty it is recommended to be primed. For this purpose, you can use Permolit Binder primer diluted in a ratio of 1:7 or Permolit Alçı Astarı gypsum plaster primer. The surface should be soaked with Permolit silicone interior paint. The smoothed previously painted surface is covered with the Permolit Permolak acrylic primer or Permolit silicone-based exterior primer, after which it is painted with Permolit silicone interior paint.