Permobinder – Permolit Paints


Transparent concentrated water-based primer on the basis of acrylic emulsion for exterior and interior works. It is applied to concrete, aerated concrete, gypsum, plastic, putty, plaster, old lime, untreated walls, poor and well absorbing surfaces, and also surfaces prone to dusting.
Due to its good permeability, the paint provides a strong adhesion of the surface to the paint. Reduces the number of consumables and the drying time of the last coat of paint. Helps to avoid color heterogeneity when painting surfaces having different degrees of ink absorption. When working with surfaces with high absorbency and a tendency to dust, penetrates deep into the material and binds loose particles, thus preparing the basis for the last layer of paint. It is especially effective when working with gypsum and putty. When applying water-based paints on surfaces previously painted with solvent-based paint, it is recommended to use the transitional primer Permoset Dönüşüm Astarı.