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Permocot Exterior




Water-based textured exterior coating on the basis of acrylic copolymer emulsion with the addition of modified rubber. Can be applied to any pretreated surfaces. Can be used for decorative purposes for interior work on wood and metal.
Permokot gives the surface a semi-glossy shine; it’s is characterized by good adhesion and covering ability. Elastic, capable of stretching by 400%, it hides surface irregularities and small cracks. Resistant to scratches and bumps. Allows to create different patterns. Rhe paint does not retain dirt and dust, it is easily cleaned by rainwater. If desired, the painted surface can be washed using soap or a cleaner. The paint has great resistance to complex conditions in the industrial environment, acid rains, UV radiation and friction. Liquid water-based coating with no smell. Not combustible or flammable.