6 Ways To Decide Your Paint Brand

You have erected a great building, perhaps you used a building contractor but you also want to monitor the building process and ensure that they are offering you value for your money. We want to show you 6 ways to decide your paint brand. You would want to ensure that your house is painted with quality paint that will boost the appearance of your edifice. Choosing a paint brand can be difficult when there are hundreds of options to choose from and this is one of the toughest but also the most important decision to make in your building process.

These “6 Ways to Decide Your Paint Brand” tips will guide you on how to choose a paint brand.

6 Ways to Decide Your Paint Brand

1. Check the components

While there are thousands of paint brand out there, there are only a few paints that will truly reward your efforts and the bucks you are willing to spend. Except your house is the proverbial grave, you wouldn’t want a whitewash! It is important to check the components and technology used in the paints. 

You should choose from a brand that offers silicone – added and acrylic based plastic emulsion paint. Good paint makers use silicones to improve coverage, waterproofing, UV and water resistance and acrylic to increase adherence. The first reason why you need paint for your building is for protection before decoration. You should choose a paint brand that offers optimal protection.

You need a paint brand made with silicone – added and acrylic based. Silicones improve adherence, waterproofing and resistance to extreme conditions. 

2. Check the covering power

Often, people make the mistake of choosing quantity over quality. It is possible to get a 30 litre of emulsion paint that may not even cover a standard bedroom but a modern and quality 15litre paint bucket should cover about three standard bedrooms. On the surface level, you may think that you are saving money by buying a 30litre bucket of some inferior products over 15litres, these inferior paints comes cheap too but there is no economic value and you may need several coatings to get the desired result which will still never be close to what a quality paint can offer you.

 6 Ways to Decide Your Paint Brand

3. Consider anti-bacterial paints

Have you wondered why fungi, bacteria and mould grow on the walls? That will be another discussion on our blog. However, quality paints should be able to protect your wall against bacteria, mould and fungi. There are special chemical compositions used in paints that help prevent this. We have said earlier that the main purpose of paint is to protect your building, it gets clearer now.

4. Consider the resistance ability

Most times, some paint producers make these claim that their products do not fade and are resistant to rainfall and so on but their claims exist only on paper, when you attempt their products, you get disappointed. Regardless, some brands truly live up to their words. Permolit Paint products are one of the best brands that offer maximum resistance ability.

You should choose paint brands that contain elastic special plasticizers with proven protection against tough atmospheric conditions like sunlight (UV Light), rainfall, ground movements, and alkaline effects and so on. You should also choose paint brands that have very high acrylic content which helps in binding the paint pigments together and preventing them from escaping which usually results in paint fading.

5. Check if it is washable, self-cleaning and easy to maintain

This may sound unbelievable but true, some paints can clean themselves or be washable. These paints are made with Nano-technology which makes paints washable without altering their surface properties. Silicone-added acrylic makes these paints become like plastic, so cleaning your wall is as good as washing a plastic material. Some years ago, this wasn’t possible but because of advancements in technology, some great paint makers have made it possible and you should leverage this new technology.

6. Check if it is eco friendly

Do you know that your walls breathe? Well, that will be a story for another day. Ecofriendly paint should be a paint that allows your walls to breath, that is, to let water out of the wall without the paint blistering or peeling away. The breathing of the wall doesn’t just protect your building, it is healthy for you. You should choose a paint that has been certified to conform to all human and environmental standards.

Some inferior paints which are very common contain harmful compounds that can be very harmful to the health as it affects the kidney, central nervous system and the liver. These chemicals could also cause cancers. However, ecofriendly paints not only allows your wall to breathe, it also helps keep your room ventilation level high.

When choosing a paint brand, it is possible to come across claims that exist only on paper but not in reality, that is why we recommend Permolit Paint brands because it has been proven and certified to be what it talks about. We hope that these “6 ways to decide your paint brand” are very helpful.