6 reasons why you just have to buy throw -type fire extinguishers for your home

  1. Taking proactive steps against sudden fire outbreaks is what any smart person will do.
  2. Isonem Anti-fire molotov is a throw-type fire extinguisher. Unlike cylinder extinguishers, its easy to use, very light, has no complex spray nozzles, just shake and throw it into the raging fire and watch the fire die down in less than 5 seconds.
  3. Unlike cylinder fire extinguishers, even children and aged parents can use it. 
  4. More people have died from intense heat, suffocation and from explosives like cooking cylinders than from fire itself during fire outbreaks. Isonem anti-fire molotov allows you fight fire from a safe distance. 
  5. Just like cylinder fire extinguishers, Isonem anti-fire molotovs come with can holders and can be suspended on the wall.
  6. Unlike cylinder fire extinguishers, it has a long shelf life of 5 years and does not require  yearly servicing.
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Whats so special about Anti-fire Molotov?

  • Has a shelf life of 5 years, does not need periodic maintenance.
  • No annual inspection or refilling.
  • Easy operation; just THROW it, no difficulty, suitable for all ages.
  • Very light (850 g).
  • Suitable for A, B, C type flames.
  • Allows you fight fire from a safe distance.
  • Rescue & evacuation tool.
  • Does not release too much smoke and does not block the escape area.
  • It is environmentally friendly, does not contain toxic substances.
  • Fast discharging: 1-5 seconds
  • Once thrown into fire, it breaks down to extinguish the fire in few seconds.
  • Does not require cleaning after use, no maintenance required.

Just before you place your order

  1. Ensure you really want to order the product
  2. Ensure that you will be available at your given delivery address within that specified period of days to receive the item.
  3. If you will not be available to receive the item directly, ensure you make an arrangement for someone to receive it on your behalf.
  4. Delivery to Lagos, Abuja, Asaba, Uyo, Awka, Makurdi takes 1-2 working days WHILE to other states takes 2-4 working days.
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