20% Discount
On Selected Paints

Get whopping 20% discount on all Permolit Paint products listed below except the marble paints.

You can check out the available colours and  contact us to start placing orders.

Select Your Desired Colour

Click on your desired colour to communicate with our customer care agent immediately. You can also call out the code when speaking with a Permolit Paint representative.

IPEK MATT Interior Paint

Available colours in IPEK MATT interior paint

tungnguyen0905 g99dd1e88f 1280

Nanomax Interior Paint

Available colours in Nanomax interior paint

living room gb41a41573 1280

Permomax Interior Paint

Available colours in Permomax interior paint

living room g7caba4214 1280

Decorative Marble Paint

This product is not on promo

Available colours in Decorative Marble Paint

elite grassello 01

Permokot Exterior Paint

Available colours in Permokot Exterior Paint

permolit kaucuk 800
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