Gold Partner – Permolit Paints West Africa

Gold Partner

Gold Partner

The Permolit Paint Gold Partner is a firstclass distributor of the Permolit Paint product & a Lionshare partaker of the profit. Details below.

Gold Package

Your 5 Major Benefits

What's our Promise

A Gold Partner enjoys the following:

  1. Exclusive distributorship rights; that is, no other partner will be licenced to distribute the product within an agreed area of control.
  2. A tastefully branded Permolit Showroom, stocked with different varieties of Permolit Paint.
  3. A Gold Partner will be equipped with all required personnels and equipment, such that it will formally be referred to as a branch of Permolit Paints Nigeria Limited.
  4.  Get to enjoy huge profit margins.
  5. You get to be the pickup point for all silver partners, freelance and customers with your catchment area.
  • Free Adverts

    Reap the dividends of our online and offline advert campaigns. We will promote the paints and you also reserve the right to advertise too.

  • Next Level Support

    We furnish you with a staff, fully paid by us. We get give your client online support from our website and direct new leads to you.

  • Huge Profit Margins

    You get to enjoy huge bonuses. This is exclusive to the Gold partners. Terms and Conditions apply.