Permolit Hammartone – Permolit Paints West Africa

Permolit Hammartone


Description: corrosion resistant top paint with hammatone effect.

feature: fast drying, favourable patterns, highly effective barrier to moisture, corrosion resistant, tolerates poorly-prepared ferrous surface, decorative look, easy application.

Application field: Highly durable decorative protection, for all ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. directly applicable on rusty surfaces. can be used on metal containers, agricultural and industrial equipment, components & machinery.

  1. Description : Corrosion resistant top paint with hammertone effect
  2. Recommended air presure: 2 bar.
  3. Binder Type : Epoxy Ester
  4. Viscosity : 75-80ku stomer 250c
  5. Specific gravity: 1,02-1,05g/cm3
  6. Gloss value: (600)-Metal gloss
  7. Coverage: 12-14m2 per liter