Permolit Permokot – Permolit Paints West Africa

Permolit Permokot

rubberized paint

Description: Water-based acrylic co-polymer emulsion rubber modified decorative top coat elastic exterior coating.

Applicable surfaces: it can be used on all kinds of plastic, putty, concrete, gas concrete plaster, stone, mineral surfaces.

Spec: semi-Matt decorative permokot has perfect stretching and adhesion properties.when applied as a coating, it stretches up to 400% and also hides small cracks. it is scratch and impact proof. it is possible to obtain a desired pattern, depending on the appearance of the roller. it has a high coverage. Dirt and dust does not stick to the surface & can be cleaned with rain water if required, can be cleaned with water, soap and detergent. it has a high resistance to UV rays of the sun, industrial conditions and acid rain, it has a high scrub resistance. it is odourless, water based & non flammable.