Vanished Wood Stain – Permolit Paints West Africa

Vanished Wood Stain

paint vanishes for woodAlkyd based, transparent & glossy looking, high UV resistant top coat wood stain in decorative colours.

Surfaces: any indoor/outdoor wooden surface.

Spec: it does not require separate wood stain and varnish application with its special additives, it protects the wood from fungi, bacteria & UV rays. it has high scratch 7 wear off resistance. it forms a decorative film layer on the surface in various colours without changing the natural appearance of the wood.

Application: it is applied 2 layers with a 12hrs interval between coats with a brush, roller or spray gun.

Coverage: 8-14m per litre on a single coat.

Dry time: Touch-free in 1-2 hrs, full dry in 24hrs.

Package: 15L, 3.75L, 2.5L, 0.75L.