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Permosil Exterior


Description: Acrylic copolymer emulsion based, silicon added, matt, exterior top coat paint in various decorative colours.

Application Areas: Permosil can be applied on all kinds of exterior surfaces prepared for paint. Application on elastic surfaces is not recommended.

Specifications: Permosil is super durable against rough atmospheric conditions and alkali effects. It has super covering power and the colours do not fade with time. The high breathing capability aalows the expulsion of humidity and water from application wall, while it does not pass humidity or water inwards. Its adhering capabilities allow the paint not to crack or peel with time. The silicon additive protects the wall from humidity and external effects.



Application: The surface should be freed from dust, grease, dirt and old paint residues. Surface errors should be corrected with Permolit Super Acrylic Exterior Putty. Gypsum or putty surfaces should be primed with Permolit Permobinder. Permolit Primer is necessary before the application on surfaces with old paint and other surfaces. Paint should be applied at least two coats with 6 hours between two applications.

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