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Silver Partner

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A Silver partner is an exclusive investor that owns and runs a Permolit paint branch as a franchise. Instead of starting your own business from the scratch, you can decide to earn a steady return on investment by opting for the Permolit Silver distributorship plan.


What it means for you.


  • You get to enjoy bigger commissions on paint sales, benefit from our massive advert campaigns, benefit from our quality control strategies and escape the damning curses of owning a one-man business.


  • We will also help you setup and brand your own branch, train your staff and furnish you with paints and marketing materials after you must have met our minimum financial deposit.


  • This plan is perfect for people who wish to invest in a fast-growing business with little risk. Due to the fact that a large number of investors owns Permolit, we all get to share the little risk involved in investing, making it look like there was no risk at all.


  • To register, click on the “apply here” link, fill your interest form and we will get back to you.