Serene, Peaceful & Freedom | A Short Story

Let’s tell you a short story

Ann had playful kids who desired freedom but she wanted a serene home void of dirty fingerprints all over the walls. Oh well, Jide, her husband wanted peace but wasn’t having it because every now and then the kids come crying to his ears and Ann comes complaining over again about the mess on their walls.

One day, Jide discovered it was possible for Ann to have a serene environment, for him to have peace and for the kids to enjoy their freedom! Oh well, he found an interior paint that is durable, decorative, washable and easy to maintain.

This weekend, Ann, Jide and the kids found a common ground. Guess what? They clean the walls together and it has been extra fun seeing their walls glow like it just got painted!

That is what you get when you choose Permolit paints! Let’s talk more about Permolit Paint later.

What do you think about this sweet family?