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Short Story | NO BE JUJU BE DIS?

Tola just returned from the US after 15 years of studying and working in the States. One of her biggest wonderments was her cousin’s house. She recollects how they admired the house, the beautiful interior and exterior painting but she wasn’t expecting to come back and meet the house still looking polished.

At first, she thought her cousin repaints his house every year but she also knows that her cousin has always been on a tight budget because he doesn’t earn so much. When she tried to know how he was able to foot the bills, he smiled and responded “well, I have never repainted my house since the last time you saw it…”

“Are you kidding me?” The shocked Tola exclaimed but Tobi has an answer “I kid you not, I painted the house with Permolit Paint and it is a decision I am glad that I took.”

Tola, amidst the shock, was short of words except for the few words that escaped her mouth uncontrollably “no be juju be dis?”

“No be Juju my sister” Tobi smiled “Na Permolit Paint”

Permolit Paint No be Juju Be This

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