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Reaffirming Our Commitment | Best Paint in Nigeria

As the best paint in Nigeria and in the Spirit of the celebration of Democracy in Nigeria which we may regard as the independence of the people to rightfully make their voice heard, we are reminded of our commitment to Nigerians which we are reaffirming today.

What comes to your mind when you hear of quality paint? Is it about how long the brand has been in existence or how long the product protects and decorates your surface without losing its pigment?

We know that quality isn’t merely about how long a brand has lasted but the longevity of a brand also has a lot to say about its consistency. Doing what a product promised to do is what truly marks the quality level of every brand.

Whatever your opinion is, whether it is about the longevity of a brand or the ability of a product to do exactly what it says it will do, Permolit Paint is a mix of the two; a full mix. I will tell you why I said so.

With more than three decades of breakthrough innovations, advanced level of production, global coverage and 100% customer satisfaction, the Permolit brand has stood out from the crowd as one of the most innovative paint makers in the world. Permolit, in the mind of locals is associated with excellence.

As an international brand, Permolit Paint established a strong presence in Nigeria, offering Nigerians the opportunity to make the right choice of interior and exterior paints. With amazing features like low dirt retention, self cleansing, waterproof, UV and harsh weather resistance, Permolit Paint became one of the most sort after paint product in Nigeria.

Little wonders, with few years of operation in Nigeria, Permolit Paint was awarded as the most ECO friendly paint product in the country. This is a soft reminder that you have the choice to choose quality, consistency and innovation. You have the right to choose a brand that has remained loyal to Nigerians by remaining uncompromising in our offering of quality.

We, at Permolit Paint Nigeria, as the best paint in Nigeria, remains committed to providing high-quality paints at reasonable prices without compromising on the high standards that has set us apart from others.

We’re happy to serve you.

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